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Sunlight Infinity Pack

Sunlight Infinity Pack

Experience the full range of the Sunlight brand. 

Sunlight 2 in 1 Spring Sensations 900g X1Sunlight 2 in 1 Tropical Sensations 900g X1Sunlight with Oud 900g X1Sunlight Dishwash Lemon 400ml X1Sunlight Dishwash Green 400ml X1Sunlight Laundry Bar X1

Sunlight 2in1 Spring and Tropical Sensations Handwash Washing Powder are ready to get to work! Made with the best that Sunlight offers, it’s sure to clean your clothes thoroughly and make them smell sensational too. 

Sunlight with Oud is a luxurious oud fragrance, designed by the world’s best perfumers to give you that exquisite oud scent while washing. Its rich oud scent lasts long after your clothes are dry, leaving them smelling just how you love, without any extra effort.

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid with real lemon juice is a dishwashing detergent containing cleaning agents that help you in your daily dishwashing routine. With the combined cleaning power of 100 lemons, Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid easily removes grease, leaving your dishes shining bright and residue free. Thanks to the degreasing power of real lemon juice, this dishwashing liquid makes washing the dishes faster and easier and leaves a delicate lemon scent on your dishes. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is great for removing grease from your crockery, utensils, plastic and stainless-steel surfaces to achieve brilliant results. 

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