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Model: Familia
Familia Classic tissue roll x6 smooth and good for use at home also serve as wipes for outing...
Model: Sponge
Features:Made of sponge material, non-toxic and safe.Can be use to clean your dishes, bowls, pot and pan.Can be used to clean stain effectively.A useful and practical kitchen tool.Easy to use and clean. Specifications:Condition: 100% NewMaterial: SpongeColor: ColorfulSize: approx. 9*2.5*5.5cm/ ..
Model: Plate
Buy White disposable plate Disposable  plastic container  with compartment and a transparent cover suitable  for party packs or food meant foe catering services .it has different compartment ...
Model: Air Freshener
Airwick Freshmatic Sprays feature subtle time-released fragrances that create a pleasant welcoming smell in your home, giving the confidence to know that your home smells pleasurable.Enhance your home’s scent story with Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray. Capture the scent of fresh, air-dried..
Model: Detergent
Ariel auto washing Detergent Powder contains the power of stain removal ingredients, which helps to remove tough stains in one wash. The powder detergent has got you covered when you need to wash dirty laundry. It comes with high-performance cleaning agents and enhanced with fresh sensation aroma. T..
Model: Detergent
Ariel Detergent Powder contains the power of stain removal ingredients, which helps to remove tough stains in one wash. It penetrates into the fabric to dissolve even the toughest stains effortlessly. You will spend less time in washing when you use this detergent. It is also an ideal..
Model: Soap
Provides a mild and gentle wash, ideal for delicates and makes colours look brighter..
Model: DDVP
DescriptionContains -dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate.Targets all major pests.Provides quick knockdown and long lasting residual.QUICK OVERVIEWContains dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate .Targets all major citrus pests.Provides quick knockdown and long lasting residual...
Model: Nylon
Keep your home, office and environment clean and tidy with the use of these dustbin/waste refuse bags. They are thick and durable so they can be used to store up your wastes before you finally dispose of them. They are long to be able to hold a large volume of waste and will not tear when being carr..
Model: Nylon
Disposable Waste Nylon Bag is made from a minimum of 80% Nylon. If you are always having difficulty managing or handling your refuse or waste, use of these dustbin/waste refuse bags. They are thick and durable so they can be used to store up your wastes before you finally dispose of t..
Model: Dustpan
Put your home and environment in a neat order; commonly used in combination with a broom or brush, the Zcho Dust Pan is designed with a flat scoop to help clean your living or working area with precision and style. Get the best quality Home and living appliances, durable and functional kitchenw..
Model: Good Mama
Good Mama Detergent has been used for years by generations for their laundry and house cleaning...
Model: Hypo
Hypo toilet cleaner features the disinfecting and stain removing power of hypo. It kills germs, while leaving the toilet with sparkling and lasting fresh all day long...
Model: Kirkland
Great for household spills. Super absorbent and durable. * Please note that this package will be opened and the position of some of the paper towels will be adjusted to ensure the package can fit into the shipping box...
Model: Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy is the worlds No 1 Germ Protection soap. The Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh antibacterial Soap Bar contains a patented ingredient known as ‘Activ Silver', that gives you and your family the best germ protection from infection causing germs. The rich, creamy lather of Lifebuoy hygiene soap l..
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