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Model: Hampers
The christmas big hampers contains; spaghetti- 5pcs, tasty tom tomato paste- 5pcs, semovita-2kg, knor chiocken cube-3 sachet, banga palm oil-1ltr, dangote salt 2pcs, devon kings oil-1ltr, rice-5kg, plantain-6pcs. ..
₦9,500.00 Ex Tax:₦9,500.00
Model: Hampers
This Christmas saving hamper has the content of ; milo-500g, Dano milk- 360g, Lipton tea bag- 1pk, St Louis sugar-1pk, Golden Morn 1kg, Titus Sardine-3 , Blue Band Butter Spread- 250g. ..
₦6,500.00 Ex Tax:₦6,500.00
Food Cupboard Hampers
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Model: Hampers
This glorious hampers has the content of Bournvita- 500g, dangote sugar- 1kg, three crown tin- 6pcs, corn flakes, spaghetti-3 pcs, peak milk sachet-10 pcs(1 row), indomietable- 20pcs...
₦7,500.00 Ex Tax:₦7,500.00
Model: Hampers
content: brown honey beans-5kg, Royal stallion rice-5kg, grinded pepper-0.5kg, tomato paste- 5pcs, kilishi-1pk, ijebu garri- 1kg, honey-1ltr, plantain...
₦11,500.00 Ex Tax:₦11,500.00
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